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by Po' White Trash And The Trailer Park Symphony
# Debut Chart
25 Sep '01 Single Sales
73 Sep '01 R&B


Pocket Change, Pocket Change and So So Def Collabo It`s that dunky, not you man, Lil` Jon, East Side Boyz [Hook] I bet you loc man, bet you smoke man Bet you choke man, bet ya girls I bang Bet you can`t hang Our po` punch ain`t nothin` but a gang and grain I come to buy the fade of lemonade and sugar cane

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I bet you drink man, bet you stink man Bet you lie man, bet you high man Bet you fried man Our po` punch ain`t nothin` but a gang and grain I come to buy the fade of lemonade and sugar cane [Verse 1] I came from clackey-lackey to the coasts of Hollywood, California I smell pneumonia, the music biz is gonna own ya Hesitation tried to loan it, tried to bone ya It`s a crime I had to sign, new place and time I had to write my little life on the dotted line No whisper can mistake Lil` Bubba, I hear yo evil I see yo evil, I speak yo evil No evil, a weeble wobble, a weeble wobble Bobble, bobble in ya upper Adam did flop down I got the 40 of Ides and the Zima Craig ain`t thinkin` sinkin` thinkin` Of takin` two sips of this honkey malt liquor I send all the dodgers just to make it a Babe Ruth Lay off the snooze, no time to choose Tippin` back a few, catch a dew, then catch the booze-cooze Absolut is the boos, cousin Citron is a choss Skies wide, fly when I`m lost in that sauce [Hook] [Verse 2] I tend to the album, every hour hear it on the news Ya comin` back whack, recognize that you through Ya minute made compared to me and tossin` eatin` peaty The explanation highly been for false is drippin` Chinely Port to shore to shorty comin` back, Lordy pass the forty Bad enough to trip and uh, I`m swingin` fast I break this mirror in half, and shove it up your ass If you a flea be a flea Uh swimming in the sea You talkin` about my bag of forty back to eternity Drinkin` my drink in the morning like Mo, Hen, and Chiney Fast to understand a lyrical blast, can you see me I fake the shake to the bucket but it ain`t Batman I`m Robin J and you luscious and Vegas scams And one and under white trash And listen to my information It`ll make your blood sludge and tell ya bout cremation I drank 24 puke 12 and drink some more [Hook] [Ad-libs to fade]


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