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72 Dec '01 Hot 100


[Toni Braxton (Redman/Method Man)] I, I get so high [Redman:] Yo ladies and gentlemen... we got Toni Braxton Up in the house [Method Man:] So high that I can kiss the sky bitch [Redman:] We live up in here y'all, let's get high [Method Man:] Motherfucker get high High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) [Method Man] Tical shittin' again, spittin' to win Load they guns clip in the end none sicker than him Yes indeed, I'm ill as any STD's or sex disease These dirty rats want extra cheese On that piece of the pie nowm ask me how high Until ya reach for the sky blame the crooked letter I That's my home, 23's wrapped in chrome Not only snap on y'all niggas but I'll snap dem bones Slap your dome, make you leave that crack alone You got the, key to the city but the latch is on I got's it locked, bringin' the noise bringin' the Funk Doctor Spock Bringin' my boys bringin' you lungs Pop the glock but only if you feel this shit Jack The Ripper, don't make me have to kill this bitch Back to get'cha put it in check that's the mista Meth with his wood on your neck, shut your lips up

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[CHORUS - Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)] I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba) I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky) I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I) High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) High (Let's Get) [Redman] You can, call on the man when the party is borin I'll have these hoes strippin' till it's part of the mornin' I love a fat chick with a body enormous It ain't about the weight yo it's how they performin My dash is 180, my weed half a pound With the smoke in the air my nose like basset hounds I don't stash the draw, nigga divide I'm that nigga that ride with trigga to give a supply High, is how I stay all the time ([Method Man:] Niggas close your doors) Yo bitches shut all your blinds If I'm, hard to find take two puffs and pass I'd stay back but my benz moved up a class It's Dock and Meth the format is real sickenin' Contagious, we out for Mista Biggs women You better shut your trap when my dogs around We put them on fire hydrents, to walk around bitch! [repeat CHORUS] [Method Man] Mista Method Man puttin' in work foot in the dirt Like it's all good roll thru your hood pushin' a hearst I wish y'all would, come aruond like Clint Eastwood As if your, reppin' your hood in my neck of the woods Street gorillas in the PJ's, grimy bitch I wear the same shit for 3 days, find me lit Blunt sparks like Felipe fuck the he say she say Yo shut the mic on plus the DJ [Redman] Yo, call me the Bob Backlin' I'll break backs on hoes Who look like Toni Braxton, come run with these boney masked men I'm out the gutter, I'm to send your baby mother 4 rubbers We fuckin' tonight, bitches wanna crowd around I'm coughin' the Mic I'm a gorilla, leave a banana stuck in your pipe 'Cause I'm a real block winner, the Doc inna Bitch one of my balls bigger than the Epcot Center [repeat CHORUS x2]


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