Music Service


by Dennis Da Menace
Lyrics by:
# Debut Chart
14 Sep '01 Single Sales
74 Sep '01 R&B


Yo, I can`t even stand this song I can`t believe I`m singing this song to you And look, I`m about to tell you, you can`t tell nobody It`s for your ears only, a`right

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Girl stop playin, yo, why you laughin`, yo, for real Good me out on this one, it`s heavy a`right Yo, peat this I fell in love witchu, the first time I saw you smile Even though you didn`t deal with me cause I was wild and young But I quit the tele-club up on the cool sonic youth who need to pull his pants up I knew I had to step up and change the game, clean my name get the fame, And the clouds, so I could slap you out Wanna take you out Spend a G easily A gondola, Italy A whole week of Martinique... The way you dress is so chic I wanna take a peak and go deep But I`ll save the speech until it`s time to speak But you walk by I`ll definitely say `hi`, because you so damn fly But this so right wit me cause you so damn fly So, I`m a try, try, try Til I die, die die Now a what a John G said My, my, my I wish I call time this week and hug and kiss I could be your MC And you could be my Miss Chorus: I never thought that I would ever say That I would feel this way when you came my way But the way that; you make me feel Really makes me feel like a Buster I know I`ve been in love before, but I`m pretty sure There`s no other Who could love me like you love me You make me feel like a Buster By chance we glance at each other at the same when we dance True it`s kinda fat but , I was dyin’ jump on it Take ya hand at the dance Hope this, this what ya wanted…(say, God) You get in front of evil tryin’ to pull a stunt I put ya close to me, quite vain material Spend a life beautiful When dip their rose petal curve faces By faces, eight apart for two aces Press bubbleicious breath, we go chest to chest Yeah, I must confess, you got me over loved Don`t know what it is Don`t know what it was Why`d we wait so long to get my game face on But now I`m ready, willin`, and able My cards are on the table Wanna sign you to my label Make sure your life is stable All I wanna do is give you whatchu want And I`m a do dat, do dat Do, do dat, dat, dat Come on Do dat, do dat Do, do dat, dat, dat (Come on) Chorus Yo, I’m tellin’ ya , Shorty For real, ya gotta believe this I really feel ya like that Ya got my heart Don`t doubt it Chorus You can`t tell none of our boys Bout this song, for real Ya, I`m a lose my juice up in the hood, for real Cause they gonna think I go sof’ or somethin’ Ya know I mean Yo, I can`t have that happen, Yo, for real, Shorty, I love you…. a`right


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