Music Service


by Cocoa Brovaz
# Debut Chart
58 Feb '01 Single Sales
90 Feb '01 R&B


Yeah, yeah, yeah This for my niggas worldwide In the parks In the yard In the bar Ya knawmean (Yeah yeah) This shit over the top (Where NY at?) [REFRAIN] Check the steel on the track make ya (Get up) Big guns cocked back make ya (Get up) Bob Marley spliff back'll make ya (Get up) Big 6 on 20 inch make ya (Get up) (Come on) Jam session in the park Smith-N-Wessun start Charge when the session spark Brooklyn test ya heart New York City, Bucktown Committee Stay busy, break big bricks and stay gritty We stay sick How I sweat shit I'm 12 cylinder, you in a V6 Don't hate shit Congratulate bitch Get ya weight and count up Fuck your weight dick

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You wanna take this Then take six (buck) Hot shots leave you faceless or wasted Learn the basics We make you famous Make the papers Make you find your faces when you play this I don't know why you comin' trough school-faced-up Blue-faced-up Frontin' like a dog ya mutt Get touched up {slap} Thinkin' that you Teflon proof Smack the po tryna get away and rap the proof When BK in the spot ya know ya gotta (Get up) When my new shit drop watch ya all (Get up) Every time we in ya hood wat'cha (Get up) Let a half a clip loose at ya wat'cha (Get up) Y'all dudes keep rhymin', freestylin' for health Like Nike I just do it for wealth Shoot dice in the park, stack guns on the shelf Hate dependin' on niggas, so I get it for delf These niggas come through in the club When ya get the crush, anything that go down Gotta deal wit us If we ain't dealin' bucks It don't appeal to us If these ladies keep it real The they can chill wit us ???? Bread bill wit us What will we discuss? Bills by the break truck All rocks taped up I got a staff of staffs Airs chipped to pups Instead of attackin' the nuts when I yell clip up I got gunners and runners in the hood I stay 'Til this day, never saw you where I lay Fuck the smoke, must want yo life to close Get found Buckwheated on a darkened road I know you've been waitin' Whisperin' and talkin' Magazines I read ya reviews Tryna downplay the shit my team do I caught up on my fan-mail, email, online P & C we still shine And I'll ride for my fam cuz I'll die for mines [repeat REFRAIN] NY (NY) Hometown (Hometown) ST (Smokin' live) Throwin' down (What) Niggas in the parkinglots comin' from clubs Cleanin' out your pockets to these big faced dubs Rep for my P & C, for my family Niggas wanna challenge me, U know the rest The game is supposed to be sold, not told Just tell me the number of sells ya wanna hold We control this, forocious Approach this, you can hold this I beat niggas in the with G and guns Might do your own thing but you still my son This strong off chain, all four cream Tour bigger things, better livin' for the seeds We videotape hoes in Navigators 'Cause I told these haters it'll get greater later' [repeat REFRAIN] Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up.


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