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by Afu-Ra withGZA
Lyrics by: Afu-Ra, GZA, True Master
# Debut Chart
25 May '01 Single Sales
57 May '01 R&B


[Intro] Yeah, Perverted Monk representin YouknowhatI`msayin? [Afu-Ra] No need for cappin this Brave boys, I break your back with this Practice, math this, lyrical theatrics You`ll never, ever, brave the weather, I`m too clever Conjurin Sandstorms, I`ll freeze ya, then I`ll melt ya You know I dealt the, on impact, shots hit the ceiling These lyrics, I`m wieldin, straight echoes through the building Enemies efforts are foreseen in the mental I make steel wrinkle at the blink of an eye Terminate unrighteous conscious states Imitate the stars, while they constelate The heart rate, of my social eloquence, makes sense Intense, with the roughage, you couldn`t budge this mountainous, type of figure So check it out, now you know, when you lookin at a real nigga

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[Chorus] You know we rip it up, hit the mic like a virus We never hide this, unique rhymes styles is righteous Who wanna battle, which rapper thinkin they the nicest Straight up and down, these rhyme styles is priceless [GZA] You eggshell niggas get cracked in half My armed force throw a road block in your path Beats smash, from True Mast, my shots blast Shatter glass, crowd watch the sound sets clash Quick fast, I let the darts off, with no doubt Your bitch ass, you head north and break out Snakes out, hissin, shots missin Observe, and respect and listen And if you get stung twice, that means he`s rollin wit loaded dice It`s like gettin stabbed with ice, and watch the evidence melt Immediately the blow is felt Commissioner revoke the belt, the microphone Microphone flow-er, fresh show-er Of the rugged garments, break the bread like Noah I`m holdin, ride the 808 rollin Write til my hand`s swollen, your no comp ya Huh, I stomp ya, the monster Worldwide record launcher, multiply and conquer [Chorus 2X] [Afu-Ra] Nemesis, bringer of disaster With more moves then the Tai Chi Master Killa and I get illa, cerebral warlord My name`s Afu-Ra, step too quick, and your thought`s floored Fury portrayed, sharper than a fuckin cactus Conquerin globes, and universes with Galactus Tongue lashes, it rattles, never sliver Optimus Prime, fatal bites as I deliver Lyrically deadly, mic flow heavenly In dwellin intelligence, choose my weaponry Battle strategy, bishop cover angles Knights move next, L shapes the vortex Forces break down, now I got the nitty gritty You think it`s a stalemate, but now I`m yellin checkmate Ultra rhymer, stop breaths like anacondas [Chorus 2X]


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