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2012 - Rap
# Debut Chart
28 Oct '12 R&B
97 Dec '12 Hot 100


[Kelly Rowland] I'll be representing, representing I'll be representing, representing [Ludacris] You represent for bad bitches all around the world The way you put it down in between the sheets Is like no other girl You done take it a whole another level of freakiness When you blow my mind To the point where all the other women Kinda feeling like you stole their shine So I better come with it, then I better come spilt it And I can admit that I'm feeling a little pressure When you're telling me I better come get it But I'm the man for the job Can't nobody do it quite like I do And the same go for you We a match made in heaven I'ma stand right by you While you saying?

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[Chorus] [Kelly Rowland] Just wanna keep all your attention baby (Yeah, alright, alright, alright, hey) It turns me on to know I turn you on, yeah Ok, ok, ok And I grab the wheel and drive you crazy (Yeah, alright, alright, alright, hey) Sit in the front row and watch me perform (You do that and you gonna learn today) I'll be representing, representing I'll be representing, representing (Get on that thang [x3] and represent) Watch how I put it down put it down [Ludacris] Put it down like ay, Only know you can do it Then I'ma hit every single one of your spots And really you don't need to walk me through it But you can talk me through it What I'm asking if it's mine 'Cause I'ma be your motivation Just tryina see if you can break my fucking spine I'm so attracted, to the way you carry yourself And keep your composure You a lady in the street But behind closed doors you're a fucking soldier A brother would never know That's how you like it ha, But that booty pack a mean punch And I'ma spike it, huh [CHORUS] [Ludacris] You're incredible, edible, unforgettable Body is so angelical, the rebel with a cause Speaking in hypotheticals Could I marry you if I wanted to I'll take you how you coming Just learn to live with your flaws Even though it's not that many You give me that good and plenty Then I walk around all day grinning My mind and body are gone That jj so sublime throw it in the air and turn to sunshine You make me wanna call the crib And say I'm never coming home, Luda! [repeat CHORUS]


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