Music Service


by Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian
# Debut Chart
73 Sep '12 Hot 100
20 Nov '12 R&B
71 Jan '13 Hot 100


[Lupe Fiasco] The wound heals but it never does That's 'cause you're at war with love You're at war with love, yeah [CHORUS] [Guy Sebastian] These battle scars, don't look like they're fading Don't look like they're ever going away They ain't never gonna change This battle

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[Lupe Fiasco] Never let a wound ruin me But I feel like ruin's wooing me Arrow holes, they never close from cupid on a shooting spree Feeling stupid 'cause I know it ain't no you and me But when you're trying to beat the odds up Been trying to keep your nods up And you know that you should know And let her go But the fear of the unknown Holding another lover strong Sends you back into the zone With no Tom Hanks to bring you home Another night of fighting On the frontline with a poem Trying to write yourself a rifle Maybe sharpen up a stone To fight the tanks and drones of you being alone [VERSE] [Guy Sebastian] I wish I never looked, I wish I never touched I wish that I could stop loving you so much 'Cause I'm the only one that's trying to keep us together When all of the signs say that I should forget her I wish you weren't the best, the best I ever had I wish that the good outweighed the bad 'Cause it'll never be over, until you tell me it's over [repeat CHORUS 2x] [Lupe Fiasco] (Just leave) You shouldn't have but you said it (And I hope you never come back) It shouldn't have happened but you let it Now you're down on the ground screaming medic The only thing that comes is the post-traumatic stresses Shields, body armors and vests don't properly work That's why you're in a locker full of hurt The enemy within and all the fires from your friends The best medicine is to probably just let her win [repeat VERSE] [repeat CHORUS 2x] [Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco] 'Cause you've set me on fire I've never felt so alive, yeah Hoping wounds heal, but it never does That's because you're at war with love And I'm at the point of breaking And it's impossible to shake it See, you hoped the wound heals, but it never does That's 'cause you're at war with love Hope it heals, but it never does That's 'cause you're at war with love! [repeat CHORUS 3x]


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