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by T.I.
Lyrics by: T-Minus, T.I.
# Debut Chart
40 Jul '12 R&B
77 Aug '12 Hot 100


[CHORUS] I gotta grind, won't stop Hustle won't quit Shine like no other, I be on some other shit I got a high price lifestyle super bad bitch If I want it, then I got it If I don't then all I gotta do is Go, get it, stay about my bidness Ball till I fall, floss until I finish I can go, get it, stay about my bidness I'm living just to kill it, stacking million to the ceiling

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Eveyday I ball brown, all I wanna do is ball Put my money over bitches, put my hustle over all Louie down to the drawers, Luis Vuitton kicks Got a man, how to swagger, bitch I'm stupid dumb sick With a group of young bitches and they stupid dumb thick I'm the marathon man, all I do is run shit A sophisticated convict, superficial, still official Multimillion dollar shit Money is the object, hot shit Bitch I got a sawnoff on my arm See bigger with no diamond They just talk about they got it, I'm the upper echelon, though Bitch I'm 'bout that action, you could go on with that convo I have done more than you dream 'bout Get your dream bitch and your dream house On lean passing them beans out With a bad crew, the whole team high Go on boy, get seen by, bro you know me, you know I be Stacking that dough, that's all I see I g.o.g.e.t.I.t. [repeat CHORUS] I live life, up late night Get shit fake when I take flight I get paid, no sick days My outfit's so switch blade Don't sniff yay, but I blow dro Bank roll on loco Still ride with that 44 Don't let my P-O know Bad white bitch super thick I'm Ice T, she Coco She got another bitch, other bitches Her ass fat, face so-so, no paper triail No phone call, no emails, no photos Just backshot, with that fat butt And low blow headbutts in slow-mo Purple label polo and a crew that's what I do Man I strive and roll my denim in my new Margiella shoes Man, we be cool if we just parle On Margharita Molly and the strong? We menagin' for a hobby We kick it how we kick it Know you envy how I'm living Just can't resist the Get the million 'bout my business Bro you know me, you know I be Stacking that dough that's all I see I g.o.g.e.t.I.t. [repeat CHORUS]


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