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# Debut Chart
6 Apr '12 Country
55 Jun '12 Hot 100


All I saw was smoke and fire, I didn't feel a thing, but suddenly I was rising higher And I felt like I just made he biggest mistake: when I thought about my unborn child. When I thought about my wife And the answer rang out clear from somewhere up above No greater gift has man, than to lay down his life for love [CHORUS] And I wonder would I give my life? Could I make that sacrifice? If it came down to it could I take the bullet? I would, yes I would For you

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Baby, you don't understand I don't understand it all myself But there's a brother on my left, and another on my right And in his pocket just like mine, he's got a photograph and they're waiting for him back home It's been weighin' on my mind, I'm not trying to be a hero, I don't wanna die, but right now in this moment you don't think Twice [repeat CHORUS] You don't think about right, you don't think about wrong You just do what ya gotta do to defend your own And I'd do the same, for you Yes I would Yes I would [repeat CHORUS] I would give my life, I would make that sacrifice 'Cause if it came down to it could I take the bullet? I would. yes I would I'd do it for you. I'd do it for you Take the bullet, yes I would


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