Music Service


by Ima Robot
Lyrics by: Curtis Mayfield

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See the money wanna stay For your meal Get another piece of pie For your wife

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Everybody wanna know How it feels Everybody wanna see What it's like For baby wanna be a queen Well alright We all deserve the finer things In this life So working on a little job In the night That's forty dollars round when I See the light He must seem a little tired And "oh my" He'll be working in a small box Till he die Who knew that I'd be free All my life I want a little green jeep See my ride Alright Yeah! [CHORUS] All that time for you know that's The greenback boogie Love that boogie [VERSE] Now put on a big wig Walking hall Hanging with them big pigs Walking tall Got did up with our hair Straight and dolled I want a bean pie Order me a bean pie Even eat a bean pie I don't like Me and Missy is so a busy busy making mine Alright! [repeat CHORUS] All that time imagine this The greenback boogie The greenback boogie [repeat VERSE] Boogie now for me Hey! Say oh hey oh! We can get it away


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