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by 311
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# Debut Chart
7 Jun '11 Modern Rock


Well I can show you how it is done There's no competitors Time to say goodbye to the sun It takes a better turn Wake up, it's not your typical rehash Something unpredictable do you really know that? I will remember this one I'm just on pure momentum Rock out and break up your own suppression I like to see you having fun in the setting sun

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[CHORUS] Sunset in July Rockers by my side and time is flying by Ba-da-dap da-de daa Ba da dop dop da dee-yah Watching you dancing and having the time of your life And it's getting me high time is flying by Whoaa whoaa ohh January, February, March into May Here's June with a tune just to brighten my day Sunsetting in July I'm gonna fade them away Time is slidin', time is slidin' on hear what I say Whoaa oo If you believe that, believe that Back-up, back-up, you need that, need that Space and time and time and space is my way I'm forever in existence, I'm forever okay Whoaa ooh [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] The time of our lives, here I was happy The days flying by come closer to me I could never knock out all the things that you given Throughout the multiverse about anything could be true Might as well make up anything to believe in It's made inside of you [repeat CHORUS]


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