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by City High feat Eve
# Debut Chart
9 Sep '01 R&B
18 Oct '01 Hot 100


You can say I'm plain Jane But it's not the same Now I ain't into big names But I like nice things I watch boxing matches And football games I wouldn't mind being an actress But I love to sing I like going out Talking walks and stuff I don't run with many girls 'Cause they talk too much I enjoy quiet nights at home I cuddle next to you Though I ain't a virgin That don't mean I'm Having sex with you [CHORUS] 'Cause anywhere I go, I'm spotted (For real and that's no question) And anything I want, I got it (No fronting and no guessing) Five five with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise (Body like Heaven) [repeat CHORUS]

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Baby, look me in the eyes And tell me, yeah I'm the kinda girl you like I'm feeling you 'Cause, sweetie You're my kinda guy Think about it, you just Might wanna run with this All night long And if you want me We can keep this going But let me tell you I'm the type that's strong And I don't trust a lot of men I'm independent I ain't like some other woman [repeat CHORUS 2x] Ven aqi, ven aqi, mama Baby girl, don't you know You're a star See, we could take A little trip to mi casa Spend a night popping Cris In the hot tub See, I ain't never Seen no girl like you Every sexy little thing you do Five five, brown eyes With your thick thighs Every time I see your smile Got me hypnotized Singing in Spanish [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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