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# Debut Chart
1 Jun '01 Country
33 Jul '01 Hot 100


Sun coming up over New York City School bus driver in a traffic jam Staring at the faces in her rearview mirror Looking at the promise of the promised land

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One kid dreams of fame and fortune One kid helps pay the rent One could end up going to prison One just might be President [CHORUS] Only in America Dreaming in red, white and blue Only in America Where we dream as big as we want to We all get a chance Everybody gets to dance Only in America Sun going down on an L.A. freeway Newlyweds in the back of a limousine A welder's son and a banker's daughter All they want is everything She came out here to be an actress He was a singer in a band They just might go back to Oklahoma And talk about the stars They could have been [repeat CHORUS 2x] Yeah, only in America (Only in America) Where we dream in red, white and blue Yeah, we dream as big as we want to (Only in America)


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