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# Debut Chart
79 Jun '10 Hot 100


You know you really wanna (hey) Wanna taste my (woohoo) You know you wanna get a peak Wanna see my (woohoo) You know you wanna put your lips Where my hips are (woohoo) Kiss all my (woohoo) All over my (woohoo) All the boys think it's cake When they taste my (woohoo) You don't even need a plate Just your face, ha (woohoo) Licky, licky, yum yum (woohoo) What a great guy (woohoo) Now kiss all my (woohoo) All over my (woohoo) Kiss, kiss all my (woohoo) All over my (woohoo) Kiss, kiss, kiss all my (woohoo) All over my (woohoo) I feel awesome everywhere I go Like a lil' boy up in the candy store C-c-craving now get your hands on Give it up before mama says no (ohohoho) Imma let you get a little closer Even though I ain't supposed to I like it's strong when it's on 'cuz I'm a little tipsy play along with me (Chorus) P-p-pick your glass up, you're sippin' kinda slow Wanna see just how you take it down low Hurry up I wanna see a bit more Take it off before mama gets cold I know that you love me long time yeah You wanna take it for a ride yeaah I'm feeling bad and I like it I'm a little tipsy play along with me

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(Chorus) All my ladies up in the place It's your turn Give the fellas a little taste Of how we work Wohohohohohoho I know I probably shouldn't but uhh I'm feeling good Wohohohohohoho I'm a little tipsy play along with me Nicki Minaj: O-okay yes we got that hm hm ninety ninety/nanny nanny In the Mondrian hm hm in Miami Who's galliano whip whip be yo manny In the drip drip lick lick like a lolly Ooarh left from Jamaica go a hurry in contour Jimmy AI Tom Wally a New Yoaaarh Keep me and Chrissy in Christian Dior But that was before or for youou My name Nicki, Little Daddy and you You can turn anything you put your mind to Way you French kissing fangte calero Way you work your tongue I hire you (Chorus) Woooooh Wanna taste my (woohoo) You wanna taste my Wanna see my Yeahh Woohoo All my ladies say (woohoo) If you got a break (woohoo) Let them get up here (woohoo) If you gotta scream (woohoo) Lemme hear you scream (woohoo) But bitches keep it clean (woohoo)(haahha) Woohoo


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