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Join here.  It's free.

Logging On

What is my password?

Your password was randomly generated and emailed to you.  If you lost the Welcome Email, use the password reminder link.
If you joined with an invalid email address, then clearly you did not receive the email and did not get your password.
Note: If you use a Spam-Blocker, you must accept emails from!

I'm constantly asked to re-logon...

Your browser is blocking cookies.  You must enable cookies to logon to Top40db.  (newer browsers enable to you Allow Session Cookies (that's what you need) while still blocking other cookies).

Not sure?  Then test your cookies.

Logon link is broken...

The logon window is a pop-up.  You must allow pop-ups for Top40db.

It's been a long time since my last visit, now I can't logon.

After several months of no visits, you get dropped.  Try the password reminder link.  If your email isn't recognized, you must re-register.

I never got my password in the email.

If you're using spam-blocking software, you may have to specifically accept email from Top40db.  Use the password reminder link.


What's with the duplicate search message?  Why did I bother joining?

It's a sad-but-necessary nuisance.  Some programs use Top40db to grab lyrics, but some of these programs are poorly written, so they hit the Top40db server hundreds of times, needlessly.  This once got so bad that normal users, like you and me, couldn't even access Top40db.

So, I added the duplicate search warning system.  If you speed-search, or duplicate searches enough, you'll get a rating (starting at zero and counting up).  When you reach 100%, you're banned from searching.

Logged on members get great leeway in this system and should not see any warning for a while.  All warnings disappear after 3 days, so it's difficult to get banned.

This is not intended to offend anyone, and it shouldn't prevent humans from searching.  But it does stump the poorly written lyric-grabbing programs.

After searching, I get a message saying "Take a break."

Same as above.  Some programs will whack away at Top40db, hitting in rapid succession.  But normally, humans search only 5 or 6 times per minute.  You searched so fast that the server thought you were a "hacking" program.

Just break for about 30 seconds and then resume your searching.

I don't know how to spell it...

Don't try to.  Instead of trying all of Bruce Springsteen, just type Bruce.  There aren't that many Bruce's in here.

How can I look up instrumental songs?

This list of instrumentals.

What are Themes?

Songs in a theme share a commonality that users often want.  We group them for you.

I'm getting strange results.

"Noise words" are ignored, like the, that, and and.

How can I improve my chances of a successful search?

88% of searches are successful.  The others fail because:

  1. Text too long: Don't search for Jay-Z Feat. Beonyce Knowls - simply use JAY.
  2. Wrong field: Don't get confused between Artist and Title searches (or just use Cross-Search).

Can I customize a search?  I want just the #1 hits from the 1980's...

Logged on members can do custom searches.

Why am I getting only 50 results?

That's the maximum results for any search.  If you don't see what you want, try narrowing your search.

Getting Data

Can you name this tune?

No.  Do not email me that.  Try  Or better yet, ask someone in the forum.

Can I request lyrics?

No.  What I've got is what I've got.  Again, you can ask in the forum.

I'm certain this song was Top 40, but it's not listed.

If you don't see it, I ain't got it.  If you're darn sure I'm missing a Top 40 song, then post your idea on the forum.

If I pay you, will you send me a CD of your database?

No.  I've made the information here as easy to use as possible.  This is all you get.

I need historical Billboard year-end charts.

You can buy Billboard books (aka Joel Whitburn) at
What was the single most popular song of 1983?

You're asking to rank about 500 songs, from 1 to 500.  I don't do that.  Top40db lists songs' peak positions on the charts.  Multiple songs hit the #1 position.

When you see Billboard with lists like that, they're using some funky math to determine which #1 hit was better than other #1 hits.

Sharing Files

Where can I download files?

Start at your bio.  Click the link to members sharing files.  You must be logged on.

How do I share files?

From your bio.  In the menu bar click Upload File Share.


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