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Administrator   NEW GAME
Feb 7th 2018   11:10 am

Heart To Heart
by Errol Sober

New game starts here!
jerseyshorecarol   Play #1
Feb 14th 2018   9:15 pm

Heart of Gold
by Neil Young

jbug1262   Play #2
Feb 15th 2018   2:22 pm

Gold Dust Woman
by Fleetwood Mac

kingphisch   Play #3
Feb 20th 2018   6:03 pm

by John Lennon

jbug1262   Play #4
Feb 21st 2018   2:44 pm

Woman Down
by Alanis Morissette

jbug1262   Play #5
Feb 26th 2018   2:32 pm

Down By The Lazy River
by The Osmonds

kingphisch   Play #6
Mar 4th 2018   6:46 pm

River of Love
by John Denver

jbug1262   Play #7
Mar 5th 2018   2:28 pm

Love Plus Ons
by Haircut 100

jbug1262   Play #8
Mar 8th 2018   2:52 pm

One on One...
by Hall & Oates

apologies :(, previous entry should have said "love plus ONE"
kingphisch   Play #9
Mar 18th 2018   5:45 pm

by Three Dog Night

jbug1262   Play #10
Mar 19th 2018   2:41 pm

One of Us
by Joan Osbourne

jerseyshorecarol   Play #11
Apr 2nd 2018   5:48 pm

Use To Be My Girl
by The O'Jays

jbug1262   Play #12
Apr 4th 2018   2:46 pm

Girl Gone Wild
by Madonna

kingphisch   Play #13
May 5th 2018   2:27 pm

Wild Thing
by Troggs

wasp   Play #14
May 6th 2018   8:02 pm

Things We Said Today
by The Beatles

jbug1262   Play #15
May 8th 2018   2:55 pm

Today Is Your Day
by Shania Twain

kingphisch   Play #16
May 24th 2018   11:47 am

Day Tripper
by Beatles

kingphisch   Play #17
Jun 19th 2018   1:32 pm

Trip Stumble and Fall
by Mamas and Papas

jerseyshorecarol   Play #18
Sep 7th 2018   8:39 pm

Falling In Love Again
by Marlena Deitrich

kingphisch   Play #19
Oct 10th 2018   2:41 pm

by James Gang

'71 from the album 'Thirds'
jerseyshorecarol   Vote To End Game
Mar 3rd   3:53 pm
norbster   Play #20
Mar 19th   10:02 am

against the wind
by Bob Seger

jbug1262   Play #21
Mar 22nd   3:57 pm

wind power
by Thomas Dolby

jbug1262   Play #22
Mar 28th   2:59 pm

power to the people
by john lennon and the plastic ono band

norbster   Play #23
Apr 7th   11:41 pm

people got to be free
by Rascals

kingphisch   Play #24
Apr 16th   11:18 am

free Bird
by Lynyrd Skynyrd

norbster   Play #25
Apr 24th   10:08 am

Bird Dog
by Everly Brothers

imtherock   Play #26
Apr 26th   8:30 am

Dog And Butterfly
by Heart

norbster   Play #27
Apr 27th   12:13 pm

Butterfly Baby
by Bobby Rydell

Loucinda   Play #28
Apr 29th   2:32 pm

Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk
by Dr. Hook

norbster   Play #29
May 10th   10:06 am

Talk Talk
by Music Machine

jerseyshorecarol   Play #30
Jun 3rd   10:25 pm

Talk To Me
by Jimmy Clanton

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