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Author: Tapperass
Subject: Christmas Music
Date: Oct 3rd  11:28 am

Here where I live, I dread the arrival of Halloween.  This not because of the loads of candy we give out, or the rotted teeth the kids will get from all that empty sugar.  

The true reason I dread this time of year, is because soon after the candy is passed out, the clock starts ticking for Christmas Music.  A very popular radio station here in Metro Detroit starts in on 24 hours a day of Christmas music for several weeks.  It seems to begin shortly after Halloween, and goes probably until New Years.

Anybody else have this Christmas Music 24 hours a day thing?


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Author: ODZKing
Subject: Christmas Music
Date: Oct 4th  10:25 am

Yes, there are at least 2 stations that I know of tat do 24/7 Christmas music. It's ridiculous.
I don't listen to the radio or I would be quite frustrated.
MP3s and CDs in the car for me.


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