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Author: Raechel
Subject: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
Date: Aug 5th 2019  11:41 pm

I saw it and loved it. I think the trailers themselves have been nominated for awards - this is the first movie in years that I couldn't wait for its opening. It actually is a gentler movie than I expected. I plan to see it again and again. Some excellent acting, lots of eye candy. Loved the soundtrack. "Once Upon a Time" - it's a fairy tale, not a documentary. Good buddy chemistry between Leo and Brad, somewhat reminiscent of Newman and Redford, or Robert Duvall/Tommy Lee Jones from Lonesome Dove. The soundtrack is near perfect, integrates extremely well with the story progression. Lots of 60s nostalgia. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Top-notch cinematography. Don't listen to all the hype, don't have preconceived expectations. It is very long and does drag sometimes. Definitely see it when you're feeling better, and I hope that's very soon!

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