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Author: NBachers
Subject: Decades-old earworm solved!
Date: Jul 3rd  1:28 am

Years back, I posted some lyrics I remembered, along with a description of the music, asking if anyone could identify the song or group.  It didn't go anywhere, so it became one of those "I know the music; what's the song??" mysteries.

A Facebook friend posted a cartoon about Bee - flavored songs - you know, Bee-bop, Bee-gees, Beetles, etc.  I went looking for Nut Rocker by B Bumble and the Stingers to post.

In looking around, I found that the tune Nautilus was the B-side of Nut Rocker.  And that's the song I've had stuck in my sub-brain all these years.  What a relief to finally be able to scratch that itch!

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