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Author: NBachers
Subject: Dore Alpert "I'd Do It All Again"
Date: Jul 11th  3:49 pm

Herb Alpert had a son named Dore who had a few sub-hits in the early '60's.  I've been listening to one called "I'd Do It All Over Again" which was written by Harry Nilsson; arranged and conducted by H. A. (we can figure out who that is).

It's got kind of a Wall of Sound sound, but I can hear remnants of other songs in it, too.  In particualr, when he sings the "I'd do it all again" part, it seems to be very close to another, kind of western-oriented tune.  But I can't quite place what that tune is.

I know this is kind of a reach, but what other songs does anyone think they hear fragments of in this record?

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