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Author: canadagirl
Subject: hi everyone. looking for songs!
Date: Apr 4th  4:05 pm

Been too long since I've visited here.  And I can't stay this time either.  My brother is here and we are painting my condo.  I shoulda done this ages ago, but it looks so good.  One screw up ... tested the stipple with water, didn't go mushy or fall off, but once the painting started sure enough............ stipple falling off in big pieces....about a foot wide all around the room.  Man, was hoping I wasn't going to have use a professional painter but.......... oh well, stuff happens.

Anyway,collecting some songs for a cd I'm making for my brother.He teaches dancing - country dancing, jive etc in my home town.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gretchen Wilson - The Earring Song

Dwight Yoakam - Turn it on, Turn it Up, Turn Me Loose

David Lee Murphy - Party Crowd

Ricky Skaggs - Crying my heart out Over You.   AND "I Wouldn't Change You (if I could)

Alabama - Angels Among Us

Graham Townsend - Waltzing Through the Leaves  (This is an from his old fiddle album so I'm thinking this baby's gonna be tough to find, but you've surprised me before ... so thank you very much and let the challenge begin!

CG (pretty much covered in paint)  HA!

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