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Paul Simon

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Born Paul Frederic Simon in Newark, New Jersey.

Also known as:
Jerry Landis

Vocalist, composer, guitarist Paul Simon met Art Garfunkel in high school and  they recorded together as Tom & Jerry in 1957. In the early '60s Paul worked under the names: Jerry Landis, Tico & the Triumphs, Paul Kane, Harrison Gregory, and True Taylor. He worked in England during 1963-64. He returned home in 1965 and he and Art recorded their first Simon & Garfunkel album. Paul went solo in 1971. He reunited briefly with Art Garfunkel in 1981 for a national tour. Paul was married to actress Carrie Fisher 1983-85. He married singer Edie Bickell in 1992. Paul appeared in the movies "Annie Hall" and "One-Trick Pony". He won 12 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.


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