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Bobby McFerrin

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Born: 3/11/1950

Bobby McFerrin
Wrote lyrics
Performed songs

Born in New York City, New York.

Rumor spread that Bobby McFerrin committed suicide soon after recording his warm-and-fuzzy song, Don't Worry Be Happy.  But it was just a rumor.

The son of husband-and-wife classical singers, McFerrin studied piano at California State College and Cerritos College.  He toured behind the Ice Follies, performed with a series of cover bands, cabaret acts, and dance troupes before making his vocal debut in 1977.

With 1984's The Voice, he recorded the first-ever solo vocal album (sans accompaniment or overdubbing) to be released on a major label.  He earned mainstream exposure through his performance of the theme song to The Cosby Show.  


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