Music Service


by Nonchalant
# Debut Chart
24 Mar '96 Hot 100


It's really real When I feel the way that I do right now I see all my brothers underground pushing up daisies Man, it amazes me that you can't see where you gonna be A statistic everybody's gon' coballistic If you had a good day damn, I must have missed it 'Cause you man of the Universe Going to hell with everybody else 'Cause you want your own first I got the urge to let you in on a little secret 'Cause you keep dying if I keep it, all the keeling That you're feeling, it's from within For the copper check the color of your skin Why lie? I couldn't try even if I had to Born with the bullet-proof vest when I had you A black woman trying to get through to the few So you can lead the next crew 5 o'clock in the morning where you gonna be Outside on the corner You better get yourself together While you're wasting all your time Right along with your mind

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[VERSE 1] Why should I do right and suffer I rather do wrong making that loopy and that hustler Instead of hot-dogs I'm eating porks up in their smother And got a gang of loot up in the safe up in my covers On top of all that I push big fat Lex And got my hoes that in golf course just in case I feel Like flexing so I Mozex, for real though, who are you See, I'm a big man Yeah, you you know, you'se a big man Check it I went for twelve years to school and never could read A knowledge of my hood is something That they can never teach me I never started to step but I kept up with the Johnses Having rollers... girls knew it, flox to it I'm around my old way, yeah, they still wants to do it It's not about the clothes that you got on your back But the money in your pocket and if you're down like that Come on [repeat VERSE 1] Well'a, Mr. Black Man, tell me where you're heading The last few years, I watched while you we're shading Pounds and pounds on growth of population Soon we won't be able to have a strong black nation A shoot here, a stabbing there nowhere to stop 'Cause now you're dying from the dose of the crack rock I'm just a Nubian Queen that needs a king To stand strong and try to press on It's not a white mans finger on the trigger Car-jacks, drive-bys callin' each other nigga I'm not here to scold but rather shapinnmoldin' Young black mind that won't live to grow old 'Cause you're fronting smoking on the blunt and Down with your friends 'Cause you think you're making ends but you're not And that's the truth of the matter Your brother gettin' skinny 'Cause you want your pockets fatter [repeat VERSE 1]


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