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# Debut Chart
8 Aug '92 Hot 100
2 Aug '92 R&B


Ba da ba da ba... Yo, this is Headliner From Arrested Development And right now, you're in The midst of a celebration A celebration of life, death And the struggles of Our ancestors Check it out Let me hear you say Whoa, oh (whoa oh) Say yeah (yeah) Whoa (whoa) yeah (yeah) Whoa (yeah) whoa (yeah) Whoa (yeah) whoa (yeah)

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I am everyday people Yeah, yeah, hey, hey Say I am everyday people See I was resting at the park Minding my own (my own) Business as I kick up the Treble tone (the treble tone) On my radio tape player Box, right (box, right) Just loud enough so folks Could hear it's hype, see Outta nowhere (nowhere) Comes the woman I'm dating (I'm dating) investigation Maybe she was demonstrating But nevertheless I was pleased (I was pleased) My day was going great And my soul was at ease Until a group of Brothers (brothers) Started bugging out (Bugging out) Drinking the forty ounce (The forty ounce) Going the nigga route Disrespecting my black queen (Black queen) holding their Crotches and being obscene (Obscene) At first I ignored them 'Cause see I know their type (I know their type) They got drunk, they got guns And, yes, they wanna fight (They wanna fight) And they see a young couple Having a time that's good (Time that's good) And their egos wanna Test a brother's manhood So they came to test Speech 'Cause of my hairdo And the loud bright Colors that I wear I was a target 'cause I'm a Fashion misfit (misfit) and The outfit that I'm wearing Brothers dissing it Well, I stay calm and pray The niggaz leave me be But they're squeezing parts of My date's anatomy (anatomy) Why, Lord, do brothers Have to drill me (drill me) 'Cause if I start to hit this man They'll have to kill me You see I am everyday people Yeah, yeah, yeah You see I am everyday people I told the niggaz, please Let us pass, friend (Let us pass, friend) I said, please 'cause I Don't like killing Africans But he wouldn't stop And I ain't Ice Cube (who) But I had to take the brother out For being rude (hey) And like I said before (Said before) I was mad by then (I was made by then) It took three or four cops To pull me off of him (To pull me off of him) But that's the story y'all (Story y'all) of a black man Acting like a nigga and Get stomped by an African You see I am everyday people I am everyday people Everyday, everyday Everyday, come on The moral of the story Is you never know What you're stepping to You might get stabbed Shot, killed or hurt It's not even worth it Hey, you know, you know You know, you know Hit it I am everyday people Hey, hey, come on I am everyday people Hey, hey, come on I am everyday people...


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