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by Asleep At The Wheel
# Debut Chart
10 Aug '75 Country


Johnny Walker sat At a table in a bar Minding his own affairs Drinking his namesake Over the rocks He was drunk Too drunk to care When a girl in the bar Walked up beside him And this is what she said

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She said, a woman came by With a letter for you And this is what the letter said [CHORUS] Dear, John, please, Johnny Please come home I need your love and The kids, they gotta be fed And John, if you don't Hurry back, I'll be gone Yes, that's what the letter said The letter that Johnny Walker read Then John He got up from the table Slowly, he walked outside He was thinking of his wife And little children at home And how his drinking Had ruined their lives Then John, he stared off Into that street light And a vision filled his Poor, poor heart with dread For it was him lying drunk There in that gutter Clutching in his hand The letter that Johnny Walker read And this is what it said [repeat CHORUS x2]


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