Music Service


by Boomer Castleman
Lyrics by: Boomer Castleman
# Debut Chart
33 May '75 Hot 100


As an only child of seventeen It hurt when my momma died When my daddy got home Just a few days later Well, he broke right down and cried But after a year, he up and wed A girl that was half his age Then the family was my daddy And me and Judy Mae

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Well, my daddy did A lot of traveling around And before he would say goodbye He'd tell me to Take care of my new mama She's the apple of his eye And as he kissed his Brand new wife goodbye I always used to hear him say Look after my boy Won't you please, now, Judy Mae [CHORUS] Judy Mae, oh, she sure Had a way of looking after me Yes, her eyes would sparkle and shine Every time Papa got ready to leave Well, one night While my daddy was gone She tiptoed into my room She said that she had to talk to me Cause my dad was gonna be home soon She said, you know I get so lonely and cold When your daddy is gone for days What a boy like you Could do to Judy Mae Well, I told her that I'd never done this before And then she took my hand And showed me all of the secret things That turned a boy into a man And as I lay there by her side I heard a noise at the window pane I think that's just the wind Said Judy Mae [repeat CHORUS] Well, the next day Daddy had an accident And two days later, he died The sheriff said my Daddy Could drive too good to even Try to take a turn that wide But thinking back now I begin to wonder To this very day If it was him, not the wind That saw me with Judy Mae If it was him, not the wind That saw me with Judy Mae


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