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9 Aug '74 Hot 100


My momma talking to me Trying to tell me how to live But I don't listen to her Cause my head is like a sieve My daddy, he disowned me Cause I wear my sister's clothes He caught me in the bathroom With a pair of pantyhose My basketball coach He done kicked me off the team For wearing high-heel sneakers And acting like a queen

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The world's coming to an end I don't even care As long as I can have a limo And my orange hair And it don't bother me If people think I'm funny Cause I'm a big rock star And I'm making lots of money Money, money, money Money, money, money Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm so bloody rich, ha ha ha I own apartment buildings And shopping centers, ha ha ha And I only know Three chords, ha ha ha ha Watch me burn, you fools I said turn that thing down And get ready for school (Hey, waddaya trying to do You ruined my record, man I just bought it) I don't care what you just bought You get your little fanny perpindicular And get ready for school (I'm not going to school) What do you mean You're not going to school (Just what I said I'm not going to school) And why not (Because I'm sick That's why not) Sick, you're sick alright What's wrong with you now Prince Charming (I got an earache) An earache my eye How would you like a butt ache Now get your little fanny Out of that bed and Clean up this room It looks like a pig sty You hear me (Oink oink oink) All right, that's enough That's enough, you pushed me Far enough, young man You're getting punished Now stand up (No) I said stand up (Hey, let go of my hair, man) Now, young man, I have Talked to you and talked to you And talked to you til I'm Blue in the face and I'm done talking to you (Good, does that mean You're done spitting on me too) Shut up, I'm not done talking to you Now turn around and bend over (Waddaya gonna do, you pervert) Pervert, why you (ow, ow, ow, ow) Shut up, I haven't even touched you yet Now I want you to know This is gonna hurt you a lot more Than it's gonna hurt me (Oh, wow, that didn't even hurt) Oh, yeah (Oh, wow, what are You trying to do, tickle me) Tickle you, yeah, I'll tickle you (Ow) How's that tickle, huh How about another tickle (ow, ow) Come on, laugh it up, funny boy (No more, no more) Now are you gonna do what I tell you (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Are you gonna Talk back to me (yeah, yeah) What (I mean no, no, no, no) All right, now you get your clothes on And get your little butt ready for school Right now, do you understand (yeah) All right


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