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43 Apr '71 Hot 100


L= Liquor Store Clerk D= Drunk (Telephone Rings) L: Ajax Liquor Store D: Aja...Ajax Liquor Store? L: That's right, pal D: Do you guys deliver? L: We deliver D: You got any tequila? L: We have tequila D: Tequila D: You got quarts? L: Yes, we have quarts D: I don't want....I don't want any quarts L: Alright, how much do you want? D: I want fifths. L: You want fifths. D: Four-fifths L: Four-fifths tequila D: Four-fifths tequila L: Ya D: Whadda we got so far? L: We got four-fifths tequila D: Make that.. better make that five L: Five-fifths tequila D: Five-fifths tequila L: Got that D: You have scotch? L: We have scotch D: (mumbles) L: I beg your pardon? D: Four L: Four? D: Four-fifths of scotch L: Hello? D: So is this the Ajax Liquor Store? L: That's right pal D: You listed in the yellow pages? L: Yes, we are listed in the yellow pages D: How come you're not listed under "taxidermy"? L: That's impossible D: Ahh. What? I'm sorry. What? It was what? L: It's impossible D: Oh well I must have a couple of pages missing in my phone book. What have we got so far? L: Five-fifths tequila ...five-fifths of scotch D: You got any beer? L: We have beer. D: Alright. Okay. L: We have 16-oz cans and 12-cans. D: Okay. L: Well how much do you want? D: Dis.. uhh.. two cases. L: Alright, I've got that down. Alright. D: Don't send any vermouth. L: Alright, I won't send any vermouth. D: That makes my wife sick. She's outta town but I do it just in her memory. L: Alright. Okay. L: We have .. we have five-fifths tequila, five-fifths of scotch, two cases of beer; one case of 16-oz cans... D: You just bring that right on, right on up then, uhh? L: Alright, where do you want me to deliver it? D: Up at my house L: Where do you live? D: Up on the north side L: On the north side D: Ya L: Whereabouts on the north side? D: Up there by the Japanese amusement park L: The Japanese amusement park D: Bambi the deer plays there L: Is that right? D: Where Bambi, goes nothin' grows D: You still there? L: I'm here. Alright. Don't you have any address, any numbers, or anything like that? D: Ahhh.. oh yes, I'm sorry, I'll see....Five L: Five D: Five L: Five D: Two L: Two D: Oh that's not my address, that's my order. L: That's the order ... that's what I thought. D: You can fi.... I'll turn the big red light on. You can't miss it. L: Red light on. Okay. D: There's a big statue of a brindle great dane dog out front. L: He's not gonna bite, is he? D: No, he's just a statue. L: Just a statue. Okay. We got five-fifths tequila, five-fifths of scotch, two cases of beer, one case of 16-oz cans... D: No vermouth L: No vermouth. I wouldn't send vermouth and one case of...... that's quite an order, are you having a party? D: Uhh? L: Are you having a party? D: No, I'm just trying to work up the nerve to go to confession

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(laughter and fade)...


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