Music Service


by Jose Jimenez
Lyrics by: Bill Dana
# Debut Chart
19 Jul '61 Hot 100


Interveiwer - Don Hinkley Part I DH) The gentleman you`re about to meet is the most important man in any of our lives. He`s the United States officer who has been sent into outer space. I`m referring to the cheif astronaut with the United States Interplantary Expeditionary Force and here he is now. How do you do sir, may we have your name? JJ) My name, Jose Jimenez DH) And you`re the cheif astronaut with the United States Interplantary Expeditionary Force? JJ) I am the cheif astronaut, with the United States, Interplanetary, (long pause).... My name Jose Jimenez DH) Mr. Jimenez could you tell us a little about your space suit? JJ) Yes, it`s very uncomfortable DH) How much, how much did the space suit cost? JJ) That eh space suit cost 18,000 dollars DH) 18,000 dollars? JJ) Yes DH) That seems rather expensive. JJ) Well it has two pair of pants ...So that`s only 9,000 dollars a piece... DH) I`ve been noticing this, Mr. Jimenez. What is this called, a crash helmet? JJ) Oh I hope not DH) What are the physical qualities that they look for in an astronaut? JJ) The physical qualities they look for in the astronaut, you got to have the perfect hearing, you got to have the perfect vision, you got to have the normal blood pressure, you got to have four legs DH) You have to have four legs? JJ) Yes, they were going to send a dog but they thought that would be too cruel DH) Mr. Jimenez you must have some opinions on the race for space. JJ) All right I will (long pause) I got one DH) What do you think of Vanguard I and Jupiter II JJ) That was a pretty close game ...I thought for sure that Vanguard was going to take it... DH) The west coast yes... JJ) ...What you were reading the papers about... DH) ...Yeh I know, Tell me Jose, JJ) I`ll tell you Jose DH) Tell me JJ) Yes I`ll tell you, you just ask me and I tell you... DH) Alright DH) Were you a participant at any of the rocket launchings at Cape Canaveral? JJ) I was a participant, at any of the rocket launchings at Cape Canaveral, I was there,when they opened the door into the nose-cone, and they took that mouse, and they put that mouse inside the nose-cone, then, they closed the door, on that little mouse, (long pause) I don`t want to talk about it DH) Please Mr. Jimenez please, please let`s ah, try to continue here, ah DH) I want to ask you: What is the most important thing in rocket travel? JJ) To me the most important thing in the a rocket travel is the blast-off DH) The blast-off. JJ) I always take a blast before I take off, (pause) otherwise I wouldn`t get in that thing DH) Well after that: What is the proceedure in taking off? JJ) The proceedure after that in taking off, you got to put on the tetro-hydrollic double dynamo rebostable booster, you got to activate the de-compression activator, and you got to put on the anti-magnetic escowsinga system DH) And then you`re really up there! JJ) No that opens the door,(long pause) and lets out that little mouse

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Part II DH) Let`s talk about the rockets themselves JJ) Well, I, I had trouble once with one of the rockets DH) At Cape Canaveral? JJ) No at the Radio City Music Hall, It was something about seperate mantainence... DH)(Yes) JJ) (I don`t know) DH) Let`s ah change the subject JJ) Okay if you know how DH) Let`s talk about the actual rocket trip JJ) Okay DH) By the way do you know that it`s costing the government seven billion dollars, to send you on this trip into outer space? JJ) That`s not my fault, I told them I was willing to go Tourist, and they said it was such a long trip, go first class and that`s what I done... DH)...Okay do you think the... JJ)...(no overweight baggage)... DH) Do you think there will be life on Mars? JJ) Maybe, if I land on a Saturday night, something might be happening, otherwise I`m going to bring a book DH) That`s something I ah, wanted to ask you about Mr. Jimenez, of coarse it`s a very long trip into outer space... JJ) Yes it`s a long trip alright DH) ...And I just wonder what you`ll do to ah do to entertain yourself during those long, lonely, solitary, hours when you`re all by yourself? JJ) Well, I plan to cry a lot DH) I ah, I would imagine that food is a major problem on a trip into outer space JJ) I would imagine that food is a major problem, on a trip into outer space, and it is you know, they only allow you to have the ten ounces of food DH) Only ten ounces of food? JJ) That`s right DH) Well how will you manage? JJ) I`ll eat out DH) After you`ve ah been into outer space Mr. Jimenez, and you return to earth, where will you be landing? JJ) I am going to be landing in Nevada DH) In the state of Nevada JJ) In the state of Nevada DH) Then you`re convinced that they will get you back to earth? JJ) I am convinced that they will get me back to earth, DH) Good JJ) Just how far into it, (long pause) that`s what I`m not convinced about DH) Well surely they`ve made some provisions to break your fall? JJ) To break my fall? DH) Yes JJ) Sure Nevada DH) Well Mr. Jimenez I think you`re certainly to be congratulated for this very very dangerous, undertaking JJ) Oh don`t say undertaking DH) Ah, mission, this very dangerous mission, JJ) That`s a better choice of words DH) And before you go... JJ) Don`t even say go DH) Before that I just wonder if there are a few words that you`d like to say to the people of the United States? JJ) Yes there are a few words that I`d like to say... DH) Please go ahead JJ) ... to the people of the United States JJ) People of the United States of America, Please don`t let them do this to me.


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