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Can I help keep this site alive?
You can:
  • Link to Top40db
    This helps bring in new users -- our most important asset.
  • Use the Forum
    This site survives with usage!  The Top40db is a living thing and users are the lifeblood.  Interact with us!


I have lyrics to a song not listed.
Thank you, but I don't want them.  I collect lyrics only to the songs listed.
Some lyrics are wrong.
Sometimes members know only part of the lyrics.   You'll see ??? in the lyrics.  Use the Suggest Correction link at the bottom of the lyrics page.
View currently flagged lyrics.
What does the Top40db mean by Year?
That's the year the song 1st charted.
Why stop at 1955?
I gotta draw the line somewhere, or this hobby will kill me.
Why are you called "Top40db?"
This site originally contained only Top 40 songs.  I've expanded.
How accurate are your Authors?
Authors are submitted by users; we are constantly working to confirm them.
What about albums?
No album info from me.  I've bitten off enough already.
Can I fix your data?

For lyrics or authors use use the Suggest Correction link at the bottom of the lyrics page.

For all other matters, please post it in the Forum.  Users read the Forum religiously and will help fix data.

I suggested a correction to some lyrics.  Where did the suggestion go?
A volunteer will go through the list of suggestions and will either accept or reject them.  You'll receive a notice of the outcome only if you opted for it under Settings.


If I join, are you gonna spam me?

I do not share your information with anyone for any reason.

What do you mean by account?  Does this cost money?
I mean membership, which is free.  But I actively clean out unused accounts, so I have only active members.
Why should I bother joining?
Membership grants you access to:
  • Forum - see the Forum for yourself.
  • Custom Query - perform your own custom searches.  How about every Top 10 song from your high school years?
  • Edit Data - you can add or edit lyrics, photographs, etc.
  • Games - with scoring allows you to compete with others.
  • File-sharing - with other members.
If there's no catch, why do you require membership?
Members can actually input data here (via the Forum, edit lyrics or authors, etc).  Membership discourages immature people from vandalizing this website.


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