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So Macho
by Sinitta


The Fonz Song
by The Heyettes


Soul Meeting
by The Soul Clan


What's Happening

5:10 pm dhalper scored 664 in Saturday's quiz.
2:59 am Musicnut scored 924 in Saturday's cryptogram.
2:57 am Musicnut scored 830 in Saturday's jumble.
2:56 am Musicnut solved Saturday's hangman.
Yesterday ODZKing solved Friday's hangman.
Yesterday ODZKing scored 767 in Friday's quiz.
Yesterday Tapperass played in Friday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Tapperass scored 673 in Friday's quiz.
Yesterday jbug1262 scored 670 in Wednesday's quiz.
Yesterday jbug1262 scored 650 in Wednesday's jumble.
Yesterday jbug1262 solved Wednesday's hangman.
Yesterday Tapperass scored 572 in Thursday's quiz.
Yesterday Tapperass scored 606 in Friday's jumble.
Yesterday Tapperass scored 806 in Thursday's jumble.
Yesterday Tapperass played in Thursday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Tapperass was hung in Friday's hangman.
Yesterday Tapperass solved Thursday's hangman.
Yesterday dhalper scored 857 in Friday's quiz.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 697 in Friday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Musicnut scored 722 in Friday's jumble.
Yesterday Musicnut solved Friday's hangman.
Thursday ddp996 scored 680 in Saturday's cryptogram.
Thursday ddp996 solved Thursday's hangman.
Thursday jbug1262 scored 758 in Tuesday's quiz.
Thursday jbug1262 scored 683 in Tuesday's jumble.
Thursday jbug1262 solved Tuesday's hangman.
Thursday ddp996 was hung in Wednesday's hangman.
Thursday ddp996 solved Tuesday's hangman.
Thursday ODZKing solved Thursday's hangman.


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