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4:34 am DON replied to "Beverly Ann Bremers."
2:49 am Raechel scored 893 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
2:47 am Raechel scored 888 in Monday's cryptogram.
2:45 am Raechel scored 906 in Sunday's cryptogram.
2:43 am Raechel scored 861 in Saturday's cryptogram.
2:40 am Raechel scored 896 in Friday's cryptogram.
2:38 am Raechel scored 873 in Thursday's cryptogram.
2:35 am Raechel scored 631 in Tuesday's jumble.
2:33 am Raechel scored 860 in Monday's jumble.
2:33 am Raechel scored 900 in Sunday's jumble.
2:32 am Raechel scored 769 in Saturday's jumble.
2:31 am Raechel scored 675 in Friday's jumble.
2:29 am Raechel scored 798 in Thursday's jumble.
2:28 am Raechel solved Tuesday's hangman.
2:27 am Raechel solved Monday's hangman.
2:26 am Raechel was hung in Sunday's hangman.
2:25 am Raechel solved Saturday's hangman.
2:25 am Raechel solved Friday's hangman.
2:24 am Raechel solved Thursday's hangman.
1:31 am imtherock replied to "Beverly Ann Bremers."
1:08 am dhalper scored 762 in Tuesday's quiz.
12:37 am Musicnut scored 911 in Tuesday's cryptogram.
12:35 am Musicnut scored 720 in Tuesday's jumble.
12:33 am Musicnut solved Tuesday's hangman.
Yesterday Denden solved Monday's hangman.
Yesterday Denden scored 802 in Monday's jumble.
Yesterday Denden scored 887 in Monday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Denden took Monday's quiz.
Yesterday ODZKing solved Monday's hangman.


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