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5:33 pm Dennis T was hung in Saturday's hangman.
5:32 pm Dennis T solved Friday's hangman.
5:32 pm Dennis T was hung in Thursday's hangman.
5:30 pm Dennis T scored 668 in Saturday's quiz.
5:29 pm Dennis T scored 569 in Friday's quiz.
5:28 pm Dennis T scored 857 in Thursday's quiz.
5:27 pm Dennis T played Saturday's jumble.
5:24 pm Dennis T scored 613 in Friday's jumble.
5:12 pm ronkins solved Thursday's hangman.
5:10 pm ronkins solved Friday's hangman.
5:10 pm ronkins was hung in Saturday's hangman.
9:24 am Denden solved Saturday's hangman.
9:23 am Denden played Saturday's jumble.
9:20 am Denden scored 826 in Saturday's cryptogram.
9:19 am Denden took Saturday's quiz.
8:50 am MarkinIA kept the ball rolling with "Attica Blues" by Archie Shepp.
Yesterday dhalper took Friday's quiz.
Yesterday jbug1262 solved Friday's hangman.
Yesterday jbug1262 solved Thursday's hangman.
Yesterday jbug1262 solved Wednesday's hangman.
Yesterday jbug1262 played Friday's jumble.
Yesterday jbug1262 scored 774 in Wednesday's jumble.
Yesterday jbug1262 scored 752 in Friday's quiz.
Yesterday jbug1262 scored 658 in Thursday's quiz.
Yesterday jbug1262 took Wednesday's quiz.
Yesterday DON started a discussion "The Day The Music Died."
Yesterday DON replied to "McCartney SetList."
Yesterday Raechel scored 927 in Wednesday's cryptogram.
Yesterday Raechel scored 902 in Friday's cryptogram.


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