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4:56 pm dave393 took Tuesday's quiz.
4:55 pm dave393 scored 869 in Wednesday's quiz.
4:54 pm dave393 scored 667 in Thursday's quiz.
2:53 pm Gatorboy solved Thursday's hangman.
2:53 pm Gatorboy scored 669 in Thursday's quiz.
1:44 pm sgtpep solved Thursday's hangman.
1:41 pm sgtpep scored 576 in Thursday's jumble.
1:33 pm sgtpep took Tuesday's quiz.
1:30 pm sgtpep took Thursday's quiz.
1:23 pm bippy2121 took Thursday's quiz.
1:22 pm bippy2121 scored 712 in Thursday's jumble.
12:06 pm ODZKing scored 827 in Wednesday's quiz.
12:04 pm ODZKing solved Thursday's hangman.
12:04 pm ODZKing solved Wednesday's hangman.
12:03 pm ODZKing scored 568 in Thursday's quiz.
12:01 pm ODZKing replied to "Jody Reynolds."
12:00 pm ODZKing replied to "ELO."
10:06 am stourte solved Thursday's hangman.
9:46 am Tapperass took Thursday's quiz.
9:31 am Musicnut scored 756 in Thursday's cryptogram.
9:29 am Musicnut scored 796 in Thursday's jumble.
9:27 am Musicnut solved Thursday's hangman.
8:26 am bippy2121 took Wednesday's quiz.
8:26 am wasp took Tuesday's quiz.
8:25 am bippy2121 took Tuesday's quiz.
8:23 am bippy2121 solved Thursday's hangman.
8:23 am wasp solved Thursday's hangman.
8:21 am wasp solved Wednesday's hangman.
8:18 am wasp was hung in Tuesday's hangman.


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