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Cool Kids
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6:22 am Rich kept the ball rolling with "Free Ride" by Edgar Winter.
1:59 am Raechel scored 798 in Monday's cryptogram.
1:57 am Raechel scored 671 in Sunday's cryptogram.
1:54 am Raechel scored 897 in Saturday's cryptogram.
1:52 am Raechel scored 791 in Friday's cryptogram.
1:48 am Raechel scored 755 in Monday's jumble.
1:46 am Raechel scored 659 in Sunday's jumble.
1:45 am Raechel scored 722 in Saturday's jumble.
1:43 am Raechel scored 802 in Friday's jumble.
1:42 am Raechel solved Monday's hangman.
1:41 am Raechel solved Sunday's hangman.
1:40 am Raechel solved Saturday's hangman.
1:39 am Raechel solved Friday's hangman.
12:07 am Denden suggested correction to "Rock And Roll Girls" by John Fogerty.
12:06 am dhalper scored 666 in Monday's quiz.
Yesterday Denden suggested correction to "Why Me?" by Irene Cara.
Yesterday ddb4chess suggested correction to "I've Lost You" by Elvis Presley.
Yesterday Todd replied to "Looking for a few."
Yesterday DON shared Pitbull Featuring John Ryan - Fireball (320S - 3.55).mp3
Yesterday DON replied to "Looking for a few."
Yesterday DON shared Dungeness Records - Take Me Back.mp3
Yesterday DON shared Catey Shaw - Human Contact.mp3
Yesterday DON replied to "Looking for a few."
Yesterday Kurmudgeon was hung in Sunday's hangman.
Yesterday Kurmudgeon replied to "Looking for a few."
Yesterday Kurmudgeon shared 01 In The Court Of King Oliver.mp3
Yesterday Kurmudgeon shared 08 Feather Tongue.mp3
Yesterday Tapperass took Sunday's quiz.
Yesterday Todd started a discussion "Looking for a few."


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